Sunday, July 22, 2012

Butter Dish

I've been on the hunt for that thing I mentioned earlier this week. 
Although we didn't find that, we did have another great find today. 
I found a butter dish to replace the one that broke a few years ago. 
What a deal - it was only one dollar.
It matches our china.
This set is extra special to us.
  It was the set my parents had on their wish list when they were married. 
They received pieces from several family members and friends. 
They have now been married over 50 years. 
We use these dishes for special occasion and often when guests come to dine with us.
It always makes me think of my parents and their marriage when I pull the dishes out of the cabinet.
Charles has had many conversations with co-workers over the years regarding marriage and divorce.  They are shocked when he tells them how long we have been married.  It blows them away when he tells them  how long both of our parents, aunts/uncles and grandparents have been married.  We are so thankful for the examples of committment in marriage that surround us.

Tonight was a great service at church.  The youth had several presentations after an amazing week at camp and Brother D had a great message.  The pizza party in the youth room after service was nice too.  It sounds like an amazing fall is prepared for the youth while praying for the right man of God to fill the new pastoral position. 

Charles made beignets tonight with a hint of orange flavoring - yum!
He also made a huge bowl of guacamole -it was delicious too.

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