Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Tired

Do you ever have one of those days that you just drop into bed by the end of the day and literally pass out?  I will be out as soon as I log off of here!
Whew - it was a busy day!
Woke, made breakfast, ate - loaded the dishwasher and got it going.
Becca and I headed to the camp meeting and Sunday School.
The Boys did the same but they headed to take Chuck to work.
On the way back - stopped by the bank, then Walmart to pick up a few last minute items.
Once we were home, we started cleaning again.  The main focus today was the kitchen.
We all headed out to look at a possible car for Chuck.  Yeah - NO - wasn't the one.
We were all hungry, so we swung into Panchos and had lunch.
We saw the Peters and the Woodsons and talked a few minutes before leaving.
The house still required a few more chores.  One of which, was cleaning the deep fryer and adding fresh oil.  I really don't like cleaning that appliance.  Dishes, counters, stove, floors and picked up a bit.  Charles and Becca were a big help.  We then put together the beans, bbque sauce and batter.
Time for Charles' haircut - gave him a quick buzz.
I headed to pick Chuck up, while Charles and Becca got the fish fry going.
Thank you Lord for the rain!  It was POURING almost 1/2 way out there, most of the cars on the highway were going 45 or less.  The ones that still had to fly would throw the water on the windshield blinding those they passed!  The water was high on the roads, until I got to the interchange and went north.  The roads were nearly dry. 
Once Chuck was done we headed home for a dry ride.
We enjoyed conversation with MaMaw and Granddad and a delicious fish/shrimp fry prepared with excellence by my sweet husband.  It was a nice evening of fellowship and delicious dinner.
We cleaned up the kitchen after they headed home, prepared for morning,  and doctored Major's toe a little bit.  He has a sore toe.
Becca's double checking her bag to make sure she has everything for camp.
Charles is organizing his books.
Chuck is playing a game.
I am finishing this and going to bed.
It was a busy day, we are all tired, but it is a good tired.
Good night!

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