Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Little Bird's Story

One day there was a young lady that went out her back door to water her father's herb garden.  Her dog would always follow her out the door without exception.   The little herbs required sunlight and water along with her tender care.  She was busy with her tasks when she heard the little bird's story.  He caught her attention with a little sqwak.  She lifted her head and watched as his story unfolded. 
He was so teeny, too little to fly
He jumped and he waddled  and looked ready to cry
The bird wasn't scared, he was shaking with fear
For, you see, her dog was getting too near
The dog is big, and yes he is strong
The bird tried to run he didn't have long
He went to a bush and tried to hide
But in came a  nose sniffing inside
The little birdie jumped back out
He filled up his lungs and blasted a shout
Two great big birds heard his cry
They flew right over to save the little guy
The three of them sqwaked and made such a sound
They tried to convince him they would stand their ground
The puffed out their chest and flapped their wings
What more could they do to save this sweet little thing.
The dog was on duty, he was on guard
And they didn't belong in his big yard
He would protect her, it was his job
They wouldnt hurt her, this little noisy mob
She gave a holler, Major NO!
You really need to let them go.
He grunted and groaned but went away
Deep inside he was wanting to play! 

Sometimes we are like this little bird.  We find ourselves in the biggest mess and the problem that we are facing seems too big to survive.  Satan will send the scariest thing in front of us, making us think it is an impossible situation.  We must always remember that our God is bigger!  He can and will always win! 

We were blessed this evening with hearing Grace Smart's testimony - it was awesome! 

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