Monday, May 14, 2012


Just for you - I know you are feeling overwhelmed.
Remember - God always provides. 
 He will provide you comfort.
He will provide you peace.
He will provide you with time to complete all you need to accomplish.
He will provide your needs and sometimes even our wants and wishes.

I was clinging on to something recently that I needed to release.
I was discussing it with one of my sweet friends and she gave me wisdom.
She said - you know what you need to do...
"Pray the blood of Jesus over it!"
Of course, that is right!  I did that - and let Him take it.
It wasn't mine to carry anyway and a peace covered me.
Worry isn't gonna fix anything - it only brings us down, gives us stress and wears us out.
Release your worries and let God have the control.
I like riding in the passenger seat with Him at the wheel - it is much more relaxing than my white knuckles wrapped around the steering wheel.
Praying for you today!

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