Sunday, May 27, 2012


We cooked and cleaned today.

I made a few new discoveries.

#1 - Vinegar  - we use it to clean different things around the house, but I discovered something new today.  We have a black fridge and the tray under the water/ice dispenser has looked nasty for awhile.  We have scrubbed it with soap and water, thrown it in the dishwasher and tried different cleaning products but none of them worked.  It had this white film from the ice and water splatters.
As I was cleaning I poured some vinegar on it and let it sit.  About thirty minutes later I took my sponge and was wowwed!  It wiped it off and looked as good as new!

#2 - Cream of Tartar - what a wonder cleaner!  I put a little on a sponge then added a little water - my deep fryer looks new again.  I got ambitious and cleaned the fronts of the cabinets too. 

Homemade Burgers, B-Bque Beans, Salsa with Potato Salad, Chips and Watermelon

Tomorrow we are gonna make homemade ice cream - it has been awhile since we have made it - can't wait - it's our favorite kind of ice cream.

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