Saturday, May 5, 2012


I love hitting a goal!
So far, so good - surpassing Goal #1
Goal # 1 - 10,000 steps 4-5 days per week

Today was the day I reached Goal # 2  Hooray!  It took me 24 days of 10,000 + steps daily.
Goal # 2 - reach 250,000 steps

My new Goal # 3 is
Goal # 3 - 500,000 steps
(maybe I can reach this 250,000 in less than 24 days - hmm might be a subcategory to this goal)

My new Goal #4 is 
Goal # 4 - 750,000 steps

Biggie - My Final Goal for now is...
Goal # 5 - 1,000,000 steps

Took Misti and Becca out to Anne Marie's.  They helped her put together a headboard for her new apartment.  First we ran to home depot to get more staples, then back to her house.  They sprayed adhesive to the plywood, then to the foam and put them together.  Next she laid out the fabric and topped it with batting.  The foam covered plywood was then laid on the batting and fabric.  This is where the fun began.  It was time to line up the fabric, stretch and staple.  It took a few clicks but the girls did great helping her out.  Did I mention we were working in the oven?  ha ha - it was sooo hot out there, everyone had a face as red as a tomato.  We took a few water breaks and then finished up.  She is going to line it with gold finishing braids later.  Then off for smoothies.  We got our free little smoothie at Taco Bueno for Cinco de Mayo and then she took them to Jamba Juice.  Anne Marie got them both some cute jewelry as a thank you for helping.  It was a fun and productive afternoon.  Thank you Anne Marie for your kindness.  We all had a great time.

When we returned, we had a visitor.  This turtle was in the driveway!

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