Sunday, May 6, 2012


This Butterfly was on my car when I went out to pick up the paper this morning.  God was very patient with me this morning and allowed me to capture a bit of His beauty that he provides through nature.
I stood for a moment observing this creature, and then thought about grabbing my camera.  It took me several minutes to find it.  I went back out and took these first two pictures and then my batteries died.
I ran back in and grabbed two batteries that were laying on the desk and popped them in the camera as I walked back outside.  My camera wouldn't come on!  Apparently these batteries had come out of the mouse and were dead too.  I went back in and grabbed new batteries from the package, loaded them up and headed back out.  He posed nicely for the pictures below. 

Becca joined me and captured a few, but I guess he didn't like all the attention.  He flew around a bit, aimed for Becca, which caused a little bit of arm flailing, then on to the eaves.  He only would show half of himself from the roofline, as you can see. 

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