Saturday, August 18, 2012

Playin in the Rain

Thank you Lord for the showers you sent today. 
 I remember liking to play in the rain when I was young.  Chuck and Becca liked being out in the rain too.  There was nothing like stomping in the puddles and seeing what kind of a splash would come from it.  Throwing your head back to catch a drop on your tongue, sitting down with containers to make a few mud pies and watching the ripples grow as they plop down into that body of water nearby was always so fun.   There was a day that one one of my friends and I got into a little trouble.  It was winter time, maybe early spring - and we went over to her grandparents house.  They lived on a rather large farm.  Their field was covered with water and ice, and we decided we wanted to go play outside on that field.  We stomped across the ice to see how far we could get, knowing there wasn't really any danger since the ice simply covered huge puddles from the plowed rows in the ground. As we walked the ice and stomped a tad bit, it would brake causing our foot to crash through and waterto gush into our boots.  Smiling and laughing and having a grand time, we stomped and stomped until our lower halves were soaked.  Her parents and grandparents had know idea the "fun" we were having out in the field, until they called us in to the house.  Her mom could have died.  She couldn't believe the state we were in.  The danger wasn't in the depth of the water, but in the temperature in the air combined with the wet we had become.  I have know idea how long we were out there, and thank you Lord, for keeping us safe from frostbite.  Her family had know idea that we had ventured out into the field to explore the water and ice or they would have called us in much sooner.  I remember her mom apologizing to my mom when they dropped me off for the state I was in.  I'm sorry Sharon for putting you in that position, I understand better now how you must have felt.  Thank you to Christine for one of my many wonderful memories with you, there were so many, and I'm thankful to call you friend.  Mom and Dad thank you for putting up with and surviving all of our many antics and your example, teaching me how to one day react to Chuck and Becca's adventures.
I wanted to add a cute picture of a youngster enjoying the weather. 
I searched google & came across a fabulous illustrator
- Joseph Cowman. 
 If I had any type of artistic talent
this would be something I would love to draw.

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