Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Lightning Strike!

Lindsay and Becca came back and had breakfast with all of us.
Said goodbye, packed up and headed home.

A Bull on the Roof

We ate lunch at Arby's in McAlester, OK

Once we got in TX the rain poured down.
It was raining so hard the cars were pulling off the side and driving very slowly.
Collette slowed way down as a semi was coming by us when there was
A BRIGHT FLASH accompanied by a LARGE BOOM!
Lightning struck the road right in front of us.
It sounded like an explosion.
It scared us to death -thank the Lord, Collette slowed down or it may have struck the car.
We weren't sure if our tire blew out, our car was hit or what was going on for a minute.

We pulled off the highway to wait for the rain to let up a bit.  There was a flash flood warning where we were in Denison, TX and also down the road in Sherman.

The downpour

We headed out and needed to pull over in Sherman for another potty break.
We pulled in to Wendy's.
Becca came running back out a few minutes later and said there was someone in there that we knew.
The Demay's were there - all except for Lexi.
How weird is that - what are the chances that we would be there when they were there. What a small world we live in.  I ran in and said hi for a second.
We were back on the road and arrived home safe and sound.
It was  a good and fun weekend getaway.

The boys were home and surprised at our early arrival -they thought it would be much later.
They had a couple surprises they were trying to prepare for us.
Our garage refrigerator bit the dust awhile ago.  They went and bought a beautiful replacement.
Our over the stove microwave bit the dust a few years ago - they have one ready to install.
Our portable phones fizzled out and we finally now have one that will not make us sound like robots talking to you.
It was a wonderful weekend and I'm not quite ready for it to end!

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