Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend visit

Jonathan and Benjamin

Benjamin and Becca
Stopped at a G-Rated Wendy's on our way  for a potty break
first time I've seen a "rating" for a restaurant
makes me wonder who was frequenting the Wendy's in McAlester, OK before they hung their sign up

We stopped at the Amish Family Restaurant in Muskogee, OK for lunch
It was delicious.

The store in the restaurant had fresh butter by the roll.
We stopped by the Walmart service center before leaving Muskogee to check on a wobble we were feeling before lunch.  We weren't sure if it was from the wheels, shocks, road or rainwater causing it.
They couldn't really help us - therefore we prayed and Collette mentioned that maybe the Lord was just trying to prevent us from something ahead.  We decided to head on to see Lindsay - it was about another hour and a half to Siloam Springs.  
Not five minutes up the road there was a back up.  They were cleaning up this accident.
We were so thankful that we were not a part of the accident.

A funny rooster on the roof

We've Arrived!  Off to see Lindsay's room - she has it decorated so cute.
We then went to Walmart - Collette bought Lindsay a few things she needed.
We ate dinner at Zaxby's.  It chicken joint in town which was very good.
We all headed back to the hotel room to talk and hear stories about Lindsay's first week.

I can't believe this is the only picture I took of Lindsay.
Chillin and messing around with her brothers.

some goofy boys!

We all enjoyed coffee, hot chocolate, tea, conversation, giggles and fun!

Lindsay and Becca headed back to the college to hang out with friends and to watch a movie and get back to the dorm room.

(The boys are back in town and going to their Fantasy Football draft today - I'm praying they win!)

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