Monday, October 15, 2012

Organize It

I'm so proud of Becca - she is on an anti-hoard mission.  She has been cleaning and organizing her room - and in the mind set to clean, organize, get rid of excess and beautify her room.  She has a large pile that we will be donating to a local charity. 

I started trashing and organizing that mound of paper that continuously grows.  Junk mail and miscellaneous papers seem to mutate - do you have this problem too?  I recently bought an organizer to sort bills by due date - it has been working nicely so far.  I saw one of those wooden sorters that have the slots 1-31 - but they were sold out when I went back to pick one up.  I went on the hunt and found something I could use to accomplish the same end- it is actually a wire cd holder - which when laid down - has about 20-25 slots. 

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