Friday, October 19, 2012

Overflowing with Blessings

He Will take care of us!
Charles just got word of a check that we will be refunded for a sizable amount on something we overpaid.  Praise God - He has already started providing these needs -
 it is really making me believe this _ _ _ is the one!
He also received an email today telling us that the our computer will be repaired. 
About two weeks ago - our desktop just went ka-put!  We have had it for a few years and didn't contact the company because it was out of warranty.  We figured we would save up and take it in - in a few months to see if it was worth repairing once we got an estimate. 
We did pray it would perk up and start working - Charles did his techie thing but none of the suggested fixes worked!  We were so surprised and thankful to receive the email telling us to bring it in and the notification that it would be repaired free of charge.
We totally believe this is a God thing! 
Thank you Lord for your many wonderful blessings - We love your amazing surprises!

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