Saturday, September 29, 2012


Thank you Lord for this much needed rain!
It started out a drizzle, then a sprinkle, then a nice rain.

I was thinking about how the rain came down today and the Lord.

He always knows what is necessary.  Our ground was so hard and dry, and he watered it just right.  He moistened it first with the drizzle to soften it up, then allowed it to seep in deeper with the sprinkle, then saturated it with the rain.  If he had just opened up the clouds with a down pour - the water would have just run off, into the streets and down the drains without giving the ground its much needed drink.

He is the same with us.  He prepares us for everything.  Sometimes it takes us time to see that He has because the storm may be fierce, but when we stop and pray and think, we realize the He gave us exactly what we needed in the exact amount that was required.

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