Sunday, September 23, 2012

God Answered my Prayer

And can you believe...
I almost missed it!
Becca and I stopped by an estate sale today and they had a bunch of cards.  I bought a few on Saturday and then when back for another batch on Sunday.  I think I just had in my head that it would be in a specific box when I found them.  Becca was my little voice from the Lord this weekend speaking in wisdom!  She was like...Mom - this is it!  I'm telling you this this your answer!  I was like Balaam - missing what was right in front of me! (I wasn't speaking like him, mind you ;0)...but I was missing the point!  This was my answer and I could kick myself for not seeing it immediately.
This is my $4 pile - The box is full of beautiful blank floral patterned cards with matching envelopes and stickers to seal the envelopes.  (Duh - here is the box!)
The others are a variety of every card you can think of (which was another thing I was praying for) even has an anniversary card to the Woman I married....ha ha ha ha...guess that will be getting passed on 
A box of floral cards
A full box of assorted cards
Two boxes - not just one and for less money than I asked
God is so good! 
These are a few other I bought at the sale
Boxes full of assorted cards
I believe these totalled about $7

What an amazing blessing!

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and blessing me more than I asked - help me to be faithful in using what you have provided me to bless those around me!

I truly acted like Balaam and Becca truly acted like his donkey this weekend [no, honey this is a good thing for you not me ;o) ]
First - we were at the grocery store and I bought frozen asparagus instead of fresh for Charles...Becca tried to warn me - he is going to want the fresh, but because I had already bought one bag of frozen at a store that didn't have fresh - I just had to buy a second bag of frozen instead of switching to fresh
She was correct - he wanted the fresh and was not pleased with the frozen
Second - The cards - She knew immediately that this was my answer to prayer and had to tell me and almost convince me that it was (this is a humbling thing to admit ;0\ )
Third - We had some snack foods to eat on Sunday for lunch and dinner.  I bought the stuff to make cheese dip.  We used half of it for lunch.  For some reason I didn't make the other half for dinner even though, Becca mentioned that we ought to.  Well, what happens next, here comes the boys - with the question - where is the queso?  Again - I didn't listen to my little donkey!

What did this weekend show me?
First of all - God answers prayers - bigger and better than we ask
Second - I need to clean out my ears and open my eyes
Third - Don't ignore the wisdom that God gives to those around me

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