Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Five Week Challenge

Becca and I have decided to tackle a five week challenge that we came across last week.
Today is day one of the challenge...we would love for any of you to join us.

I am not the most "techtacular" blogger - so for now have copied PEAK313's challenge and listed it below - there are several links to her page below.   (I may adjust the page later - when I have a moment to play around with adding the buttons and links)

Our 5 Week Fall Challenge: “Living and Active”

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It’s time for another CHALLENGE and what better time to do it than when we are getting back to school and in the swing of things! Every time I consider a challenge, I am so overwhelmed. There a thousand ways to slice it, and I end up over my head with dreams for you all….but…
God is good and one day in church, we were reading in Hebrews and came upon 4:12.
“For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”
It hit me square between the eyes and gave me the inspiration to start this challenge: “Living and Active”.  My goal and passion is to get you into God’s Word which holds the keys to getting us Living & Active!

Here are the challenge basics:

Many of you are already in an awesome routine with your workouts, so I want you to keep that up. But for those of you who need a little guidance, I’m here to help!  I will provide a set of workouts you can do from your home (or take to the gym!) All you need are one or two sets of weights, an exercise band (similar to this), and a big exercise ball. These are great basics to build your home gym. They are also fairly cheap! Most of these exercises will be derived from my New Move Mondays, but I also may add a few new routines, too!
CHALLENGE GOAL: Exercise (with your routine or mine) 4 days a week for the 5 weeks we are in it. (25 minutes is minimum time)
My faith lays the groundwork for everything I do and the upkeep of my body and health is included in that!  So I want to take us through some key principles to get us “living and active” in both our physical and spiritual lives. I’ll provide a small devotional and insight to each principle along with a challenge for us to consider each week. Scripture memorization is also a great discipline, so we will be adding that on too! (I call that our “Soul Food”)
CHALLENGE GOAL: Memorize the new weekly verse/Soul Food (as well as maintaining prior weeks) and do the key challenge.
**A Bonus: For those of us who have children, we are going to be praying these same key principles into their lives!
This all is great, but if we don’t have accountability, then chances are we won’t stick with it. I have a few ways this is going to happen:
- Facebook: Periodically through the week, I will check in with you who are a part of this. This is your chance to check in, ask questions, claim victories, express frustrations etc. so make sure you “like” me on facebook!
 - Twitter: I’ll be doing the same thing on twitter with hashtag #livingandactive. Follow me there!
- Weekly Link-Up: If you are a blogger, this is your chance to write about your journey! Every Monday, I’ll provide a link up for you to write about how you did that past week. You can include healthy recipes, or exercises you like, or the victories and valleys. Set your own goals and measurements. Detail your specific daily diet and what you will be avoiding or adding. This is your place to make it your own! (If you don’t have a blog, you can join us in the comment section, letting us know how you are doing!)
And guess what? This time I have a prize package! (All the goodies still being added up so I’ll share later!) For those of you who are 100% on the scripture memorization and exercising 4/7 days a week during this 5 week period, you’ll get a chance at winning the package!
We officially start next Monday, but you have some things to do now!
1.) Grab the button below, add to your blog and link-up a post telling me that you are in! (or just comment below)
2.) Grab a friend, sister, daughter, roommate…whoever…and ask them to join us! (HINT: Headstart to Key Principle #1!)
3.) Pray through your commitment! I want you to really be successful over these 5 weeks. If this is a bad season in life for you, then maybe this isn’t the time to join as it would leave you more discouraged than encouraged. But if you need a kick in the rear, get focused, dust off those weights or gym membership card and let’s get going!
So, are you with me?  Make sure you are receiving these posts in your email box (sign up at the top of the page!) so that you don’t miss a thing! If you have any questions, fire away! I know this is a lot of info, so please contact me! 
UPDATE: READ HERE for further clarification on some commonly asked questions!

Physical: 30 minute walk - approximately 2 miles
Accountability: - right now we are keeping each other accountable & Dad will be exercising too
Spiritual:  Reading Luke and Memorizing Scripture (starting with...Ecclesiastes 4:12)

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