Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What are you learning right now?

Luke 2:52 (TNIV)

And as Jesus grew up, he increased in wisdom and in favor with God and people.

Proverbs mentions wisdom over and over again.

Websters definition of wisdom - - -
1. The right use or exercise of knowledge; the choice of laudable ends, and of the best means to accomplish them. This is wisdom in act, effect, or practice. If wisdom is to be considered as a faculty of the mind, it is the faculty of discerning or judging what is most just, proper and useful, and if it is to be considered as an acquirement, it is the knowledge and use of what is best, most just, most proper, most conducive to prosperity or happiness.
2. In Scripture, human learning

If the Lord increased in wisdom - I believe it is a good thing for us to do too. 
The Bible is a good place to start, it will definitely grow your wisdom - but there are also skills and talents that you can refine and master.

Charles is currently studying Proverbs, photography, cooking and anything techie.
Chuck has learned and is becoming a master of print and copy equipment and photoshop.
Becca is learning Spanish and Algebra and refining her art skills.
The three of them are planning to build a computer from the inside out - top to bottom - it will take some time to purchase the components but what a cool skill to learn and master.
My current study is mainly in the New Testatment - James, Luke and Acts primarily.  I have been learning so much about the Jews and Gentiles, about the Spirit, and so much more.

Find a subject and dig in - it's a good thing to keep on learning! 

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