Friday, November 16, 2012

Close Calls

We were on our way home tonight and ended up in a very scary situation.  We were heading down the highway and coming up to one of the interchanges.  The car in front of us had his signal on and was slowing down.  I slowed as I approached him and wondered why he wasn't merging to the right.  He slowed more and more and then came to a complete stop in the middle of the highway.  There we were,  sitting right behind him at a dead stop in the middle lane of the freeway.  A normal drive home suddenly became a little bit freaky.  I quickly put my hazards on as I checked my rearview mirror.  It seemed like hundreds of headlights headed in our direction.  The car shook as the vehicles sped around us, some coming in our lane and making that lane change - seemingly at the last second, but I'm sure was well in advance.  Thank the Lord, I was back far enough from the stalled car to pull out and get moving again.  We prayed for the passengers in that vehicle for safety and protection.
   This situation allowed us to talk with the kids about some driving safety.  The best and most ideal solution is to get off the highway if you know your car is dying.  If you know your car is about to quit get to a parking lot if possible,  if that is impossible, try for the shoulder of the highway.  If for some reason you get stuck in the middle lane of the highway, turn on your hazards, call 911, and pray without ceasing!  I'm not sure if this person ran out of gas or if it was a mechanical issue.  As far as the gas goes - make 1/4 tank your empty and you will not run out!

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