Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How Quickly things can change

What a day!  Something I was reminded of today was how quickly things can change.  A friend is under a lot of pressure right now and being reminded who is in charge of it all.  I have seen him trying to shift his focus.   He is asking for His help, but still holding on to it too.   It is incredible when I step back and look at this.  It is almost like he has invisible weights on his shoulders from bearing this load.  He still is trying to carry most of it himself.  Today was a day that is bringing him to his making or breaking point.  Help me pray for him and those around him that he will first of all - Let God work, second of all realize that he can distribute some of the work and that it is ok to accept help from those around him.  These next few weeks need major prayer covering!

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