Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lunch and Games

We had a nice lunch with the family at Tim's house - enough food for an army.  We had ham, potato salad, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, corn, broccoli and cheese, rolls, and b-bque chicken.  Dessert included a lemon pie, apple pie, assorted cheesecakes, lemon cake and cinnamon roll from pie dough.
Everything was delicious.

Gramma and Kim tried something with the potatoes and said it worked great -
score the potatoes all the way around the middle
boil them whole
drain them when done
put them in an ice bath (cold water and ice)
the skin peels right off

Kim also fried up the sweet potatoes and they were delicious
She sliced them
fried them in butter
when they started to get soft top them with sugar and a little more butter
fry to desired tenderness and enjoy

We played a game of Canasta after lunch.  Gramma and Kim took the lead, then Chuck and Matthew quickly caught up.  Misti and I were dead last.  Chuck and Matthew won the game!

Football and racing were Grampa and Uncle Tim's entertainment for the day - and Becca played a video game.

We sure are glad that Gramma and Grampa came for a visit!

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