Sunday, November 11, 2012

Year No. 2

Can you believe it has been a year that I have been blogging!?!  It was Veteran's Day last year when my plans began to start consistently writing.  I hope to continue - it will be fun to look back on this one day.

Charles finished the bulk of his computer this weekend - he has enjoyed building and tweaking it.  It needs a few more parts and pieces, but it is fully functional.  He is really enjoying this project and is learning all kinds of new things.  I would try to tell you the details, but to be quite frank, it is a little over my head.  Doesn't it look cool - I love the red lit fans!


Major was trying to get Chuck's attention - he was reading Ranger's Apprentice
Of course I needed her picture for the blog anniversary!

Happy Veteran's Day!
We thank you for your service in protecting us and our America!

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