Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year Dad decided it was going to be a stay at home Thanksgiving with just the five of us.  It was not going to be the normal tradition, but rather, the every 3-5 year tradition of a Southwest - Tex-Mex Thanksgiving.  We had a very nice day with a feast!  We relaxed and watched the NCIS marathon. 
Beef Enchiladas
Pork Tamales and Beef Tamales
Cheese Enchiladas
Refried Black Beans
Spanish Rice Risotto

Becca's Traditional Pumpkin Pie
Foil added to keep the Crust a Golden Brown
Mincemeat Pie
Cinnamon Roll with leftover pie dough
The kindness of the day was adding a little bit to the menu to keep that annual tradition.  We decided on cheesecake and ice cream for our dessert.  Becca made the pumpkin pie for Chuck and I made the mincemeat for Charles - after all that is something that has been present at every Thanksgiving meal.  The one other added kindness was making our sour cream potatoes - it is a favorite - and made available for our supper meal.  It was a very nice and cozy holiday to remember all the many wonderful  people and things we have to be thankful for - we have been blessed!

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