Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shopping for Thanksgiving

Aldi run in the morning

Unexpected visit - It was so nice to see my Janet!  We only got about 15 minutes to chat - but I'm so glad she popped in for a visit.  The timing was not the best - but it was so nice to spend a moment together.  She is a good momma and granny and is now helping by keeping her great grandchildren.  She loves them all very much - praying that she is a blessing to those little babies and has the strength to keep on watching them for a good while!

Dropped Chuck off then...
India Bazaar - very interesting - they have an aisle full of flours of every sort!
Fiesta - yum - hot fresh tortillas!

Walmart - we could have submitted a few photos for the people of walmart emails that go around ;0)
helped Becca color her hair

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