Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Busy, Good Day!

It was a busy, good day!  Work was nice today - it was my other sweet friend's birthday today.  Happy 70th Birthday Peggy!  We celebrated Peg along with having a thanksgiving lunch- potluck style.  Everything was delicious and the fellowship was sweet.  After work, I headed home to my wonderful family.  We worked together to prepare for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow.  Becca had already made the pumpkin pies - they look amazing!  It was her first time to make them completely on her own, I can't wait until tomorrow to taste a piece.  This evening she and I made a cherry pie (her's and her Granddad's favorite).  We also made a mincemeat pie which is Charles' favorite.  If you are wondering - Chuck's favorite is pumpkin pie.  My favorite is not really a Thanksgiving pie - coconut cream is the best in my opinion.  Charles made some scrumptious turkey gravy - yum.  The country potatoes are ready to be topped off tomorrow and heated to perfection - or so Chuck says.  He absolutely loves that dish.  We are all looking forward to meeting up with family and spending time together tomorrow.  We are thankful for the family that is close by  and wishing all of the family was near.  Praying that all family and friends, near and far are having a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

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