Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let's Decorate!

Today was a fun day packed full of busy.  Becca, Misti and I headed out to Sunday School on this chilly day.   Misti and I played hookie though - finishing up the mole in the car while Becca went to class. I must make a correction - it is really Miss Mole not Mr. Mole.  Here is what she looked like when she left our house this morning. 

Leftovers are always a treat - especially after Thanksgiving.  While making lunch - Charles and Chuck got into a towel snapping fight.  Becca and I slowly retreated to opposite corners of the kitchen, steering clear of the competition moving through the room.  As far as the winner goes, I believe it was a draw.  We could maybe determine it by the one with the least number of welps on their legs.  I'm glad they had fun, but it is definitely a sport, I would rather be the spectator.  We enjoyed our lunch over the traditional Sunday football games.  Becca and I spent the later part of the afternoon, shopping all over town.  The greatest purchase being our new Christmas tree.  It was high time we replaced our little Charlie Brown tree.  As soon as we got home, we put it up and got it decorated. 

God Has His Angels Watching Over Us!

Amy Grant - Angels Watching Over Us

Our tree is not one of those that is perfectly coordinated by color or style.  On the other hand, it is a picture of us!  One of our traditions is that each of us picks a new ornament each year.  When Chuck and Becca were young - the ornaments were often handmade at times with their picture or something personalizing them.  Every ornament on the tree has a special meaning to each or all of us.  Pulling the boxes out and looking through the carefully wrapped ornaments each year is a sweet time of reminiscing.  It brings to mind the interests we had at the time we found that perfect ornament for that year, or the place where we bought it, or the person that gave it to us.  Below are a few of the ornaments that  Becca chose to hang on the tree this year.

Oh - I received a text from Misti this evening! 
She completed Miss Mole - adding a little bit of glamour for the little lady! 
I think she looks mahhhhvelllouuuss daahhlling!

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