Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day of Projects

Today was a day filled with projects.
Delicious breakfast casserole made by Dad!  Yum - he used the sour cream potatoes from Thanksgiving and added lots of other goodies.
Sewed a skirt for my purse - almost finished - it is made with this fabric

The boys checked the oil in the vehicles and bought the parts to fix Dad's window.
Becca spent the night at Misti's last night (they had a fire and made smores last night).  
Misti is spending the night here tonight - she wanted a little guidance on her science project.  She needs to make a mole.  Here it is in the beginning stages - she will finish him up tomorrow.
Becca worked on her latest painting while Misti and I were working on Mr. Mole!  She will be done with it soon - then I will post a completed picture - it is turning out beautifully!
This is the time of year our baking hats come out!  We love cookies at Christmas time.  Our first batch for the season was made tonight.  Christmas Cookie # 1 prepared in 2011 was the Peanut Butter Cup Cookie!

Then of course there was the video game competition that ended the night with some silly, wonderful teenagers.

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