Sunday, November 13, 2011

Seeing Red!!!

Ha - did you think I was mad about something!  Well - I'm not mad at all!  The red I'm seeing today is pretty awesome and amazing and it came in threes.  The first red I saw was just after midnight. It was something created by my sweet husband.  Every few months he replenishes our supply of spaghetti sauce, and wow is it amazing!  I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with a wonderful husband that has a passion and great talent for cooking.  We all love the day he cooks up a fresh batch. The aroma in the house just makes our mouths water and causes our tummies to growl.
Ready to be Filled

Wow that Aroma - Yum!
What a Rich Red!
It's Gotta be Homemade!
It is delicious as always - we had it over stuffed shells for lunch!

The second red I came across today was at church this morning.  It was the great red envelope project for the teens upcoming mission trip to the Dominican Republic. It is a fund raiser that was tried last year which had great success, therefore, they did it again this year.  They put 144 envelopes out and each one has a different number on it starting at 1 and going to 144.  The members that feel led to give then take an envelope and put the dollar amount that matches the number on the envelope.  The money that is received is divided up and applied to the needs for those going on the mission trip.  Last year this was a huge blessing for all who went, and we are praying for a great response.

Ok - so here is a little trivia for you - if they fill all of the envelopes - how much money will be raised to further the cause of sharing Christ?
Red Envelope Fund Raiser

The third red for us today was the pomegranate.  I will tell you more about that tomorrow.

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