Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Cookie #2

It was a busy day at work today.
Chuck played charades in speech class this morning.
Becca made a few concoctions today - a face mask, hair oil and new flip flops.  Some of the ingredients in her face mask were honey, cinnamon and nutmeg; her hair oil was from coconut oil; and her flip flops were converted with a pretty ribbon.
Charles had a good Monday and made one of our favorite meals - rice (like a risotto - with turkey).  I could eat this every night.
We baked a batch of cookies for the cookie swap, which is coming up later this week.  Almond cups are the type we selected and they are delicious.  I don't think I have ever made these, but remember Gramma making them a time or two.  I remember her loving these cookies and now I remember why!
Christmas Cookie # 2 - Almond Cups

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