Friday, March 30, 2012

Helpful Healthy Ideas

I read something recently that I've been trying to practice.
A few simple ways to cut back:
 - Always PRAY before eating - He will help with choices and portions
 - use a smaller plate
 - always leave at least a bite on your plate (we are so trained to clean our plates - this is especially helpful when eating out - the portions are usually tooooo much)
 - if something doesn't taste good/satisfying - don't just eat it to eat it - enjoy what you eat and be satisfied
 - put your utensil down until the bite in your mouth is in your stomach, don't pick it up until your mouth is empty 
 -  what are you really hungry for - determine this before munching
 - make healthier choices once you know what you are craving
 - eat smaller meals 5-6 throughout the day
 - log, log, log everything that goes into your mouth - try to stay in your range even on "cheat" days
 - water 1st choice and drink a lot of it!
 - if you are bored - don't head to the kitchen - find something else to do! 
 - slow down - it takes 20 minutes to feel full!
  - Move - take time for some activity every day!

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