Friday, March 2, 2012

Day full of little blessings

Today was a really nice day.  It was full of blessings!
1. It's Friday! - always a good thing!
2. Breakfast with my buddies and kiddos!
3. Decent day at work - lots accomplished and positive attitudes!
4. A surprise lunch date - Collette came and treated me to bar-b-que and conversation! - Thank you!
5. Drank my favorite out to eat tea that a co-worker picked up for me - Chicken Express - 1/2 & 1/2 easy ice!
6. Got the next tentative date - will let you know when it is confirmed!
7. Decided on homecooked pizza and a movie and the entire evening with my family!
8. Oven door handle came loose - and my sweet husband fixed it right up! - You're Awesome!
9. Stayed within my calories and even exercised on our "off" day!
10. Started the weekend - YEAH!

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