Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celebration and another Photo Adventure


Celebrated tonight!  Chuck woke early and finished up today! Yeah!
We are proud of you Chuck for being a responsible young man!
Now - we are praying you are blessed with an amazing job!
Our little party included his favorite Asian Zing Buffalo Wild Wings and Chocolate Cupcakes!

Becca wasn't feeling the best today, but was up to shopping for her last minute items.
She made a pretty thorough list - hope we've remembered everything.
She is really looking forward to it!

Charles and I went on a two mile walk at White Rock Lake and shot pictures the first mile then picked up our pace and got some good exercise heading back.
Here are a few photos from our outing.
Lots of fisherman out today!  I felt bad earlier today!  Becca and I went to Academy to get some insect spray to prepare her clothing for her trip next week.  One area we went by was the fishing section.  She made the comment about how she loves to fish!  and she REALLY does LOVE to fish!  Well - when we were in Florida, Grampa mentioned going to Venice Beach.  This is where he likes to fish off the pier!  I didn't even think about making sure she did this!  Sorry Becca!  We will need to try to figure out when you can go fishing sometime soon!

The cattails were bursting!

Drying out those wings and enjoying the sunshine!

Trees were full of ducks - this particular kind sounded like pigs!
Wanna hear something gross - we are pretty sure that beautiful white looking frost on the really their poo!

It was easy to catch them flying - they were everywhere!

I scared them into the water - got to close to them!
One of my favorites!

So many people out enjoying the day!

There were other ducks near him that sound like a bicycle horn!

Started at 155 - went to 145 then back here to 155!

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