Thursday, March 1, 2012

Demolitions and Dentists

Anne Marie and I were driving back to the office after lunch to see this!

They are demolishing the old movie theatre near the mall!  It stinks when a little piece of your history goes away.  Charles and I used to go there on dates and even took the kids there when they were little bitty.

Then after work - I flew home - grabbed Becca and we headed to the dentist.
BTW - Bec says this has got to be the nastiest tasting "tooth paste" ever created!
FYI - the dentist said it was cherry flavored!

Home again, home again - made it to 15 minutes on the elliptical - then had some soup for dinner.
Becca made some delicious little blue cheese burger muffins - yum!
Chuck was off on the job hunt again today - he's hittin it hard - praying God leads his steps to that just right job that He has prepared for him.
I'm so proud of my family - they have really been sticking to their health goals that they have set!  Some of the short term goals are about to be surpassed - YEAH!
The family watched Amer. Idol and were less than pleased with some of the results - WE LIKED ADAM BROCK! We agreed with some of the results and will be picking a new favorite soon!  Who do you like?

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