Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pockets Full of Sunshine

Yesterday I was wiping down the washer and dryer and there were a few coins on the dryer.  We always have a few odds and ends that get thrown there after emptying our pockets.  It made me think about that little song Pocketful of Sunshine...which took me on this little brainstorm.
I decided I wanted a little sunshine plate, bowl or jar to throw those items in until the rightful owner came along and claimed them.  Becca and I ran by one garage sale - no luck there!  We then headed to the dollar tree and I found the little yellow pot below!  As soon as I got home, I pulled pinterest up because I knew I had pinned several transfer links.  I found one that looked like it might work.  I only needed to print my image and locate that paint thinner out in the garage.  Paint thinner was found!
Printed this cute little picture and flipped it horizontally to transfer to the container!
Here is the little pot - isn't it a great yellow - looked sunny to me!

What luck!  Didn't need to go get this supply - had it already!

Paper printed, flipped, trimmed and taped to the little container!

The cap filled with paint thinner and a Q-tip applicator!

Applying the thinner - Sure hope this works!

Isn't He Cute?!?
Applied and Rubbed the Image with End of a Ruler

Rats!  It didn't work - in all fairness - the website didn't mention this type of medium - said it would work on wood, fabric, cardboard and metal!  It did NOT work on pottery!

Oh Well - I had fun drawing the little sunshine and giving it a try!  If any of you find a cute little sunshine container - let me know...but this little sunshine will work for now!

Here is the song that I was referring to earlier...

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