Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Trip Begins

Wow - was it a long day!
Last night (this morning) we had to have Becca to the church by 2 am.  She, Chuck and I drove out there to drop her off  to head out on her mission trip.  She was so excited and couldn't wait to go and minister to those they are going to work with this week.  She is privileged to be a part of a wonderful youth group and church that offers such a variety of worship with outstanding leadership.

Lindsay and Becca - cousins with this amazing opportunity to go be a witness for their Savior.
We are so thankful they both have a servant's heart and love the Lord!

I spoke with Becca earlier when they landed in FL.  The flight to the Dominican was overbooked and she asked for prayer for all of the group to get on the same flight.  I am not sure if this happened or not!  Their flight was delayed and it sounded like it was very hectic in the background when she called.

Collette was following the flight and said it touched down in the Dominican.
                                            Praying for safety and life changes in all who go and all they reach!

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