Sunday, March 25, 2012

Youth Night at Church

We have a great bunch of teens at our church.  They led the service - great praise and worship time, 4 of our teens preached a short message, they had a skit, special music, testimonies, ushered and greeted.  They did an amazing job!  We are so thankful that we have a great group of leaders with hearts for Jesus first and serving Him by ministering to our youth.

I loved Tyler's illustration of faith.  He talked about a tight rope walker who was amazing.  The more he performed the more he "wowwed the crowd".  He walked across that thin wire, he would juggle as he went, ride a bike to the other side, walk on his hands, he stunned them with each new act.  He stood on the platform and asked if they thought he could make it across carrying a person on his shoulders.  In the excitement, the crowd - cheered him on - yes, yes - definetly!  He asked the crowd - who will be my volunteer?  It became so quiet in the arena - you could have heard a pin drop.  He stood looking over the crowd, searching for a hand to be raised.  Not one hand went up.  As he turned, a little old man caught his eye.  He was slowly climbing the ladder to the platform where he stood, coming up to be that volunteer.  The acrobat lifted the man onto his shoulders and started across that rope, ever so slowly and carefully. As he slipped and losing his footing, the crowd gasped.  He regained his balance and carefully made it to the other side.  The cheers erupted at the successul trip. 
Do you have this kind of faith when it comes to trusting Jesus?  Are you willing to jump on His shoulders and let him carry you through each day?  We know already He will get us "to the other side" successfully! 
Don't be like the crowd, instead be like that little old man and have faith!

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