Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shopping and Swimming

It's another beautiful sunny day in Florida.  We did a little shopping.  Bealls outlet is always fun - kind of a treasure hunt!  Becca found the cutest little dress for her chapel dress on her upcoming mission trip.  I bought an outfit and Charles found a pan that matches our current set.  We headed to Chili's for lunch - it was delicious.  Gramma and Grampa had a card tournament this morning - so we were on our own for the first half of the day.  We headed to Walmart and got a few things.  Once we were back we figured we better get our suitcases in order.  One more load of laundry after a quick trip to the pool and hottub.  I'm glad we decided to run up to the pool - 89 degree pool water under the Florida sun was a nice way to spend a few moments this afternoon.  Gramma made some delicious tilapia she picked up at Sam's.  It was a parmesan encrusted tilapia-  yum!  We also had a side of corn and mashed potatoes.  We had one last game of golf and then headed off to bed to be ready for traveling tomorrow.  This has been a wonderful vacation, I'm glad we took the time to come.  Can't wait to see Chuck and Major tomorrow.

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