Sunday, January 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home from one of the best vacations ever!

The end of a vacation is always two fold.  We hate to leave but we can't wait to get back to home, sweet home.  We had the most wonderful week.  We spent time with so many we love, got to see so many new and exciting things, ate wonderful food, were busy, relaxed and just had a totally amazing time.  Always when we leave Gramma and Grampa there is some sadness because we miss them so much and wish we were closer, now we've met Scott, Melissa and Jackson in person creating another sad parting.  I saw something recently that is fitting to this thought....
Don't cry because it's over - 
Smile because it happened!
We are so thankful for the time we got to spend with each and everyone of you this week - family and friends.  We love you dearly and can't wait to see you again soon!

Jackson playing on the iPad

Scott chatting with Charles
Jackson and Becca playing Monopoly

It was a great lunch - getting to know each other even better.

We went through our check point and were lined up to get on the plane.
Then the airline security starting scouring the area.  They picked, who they apparently thought were the possible terrorists, which would soon be boarding our plane.  Who do you imagine they selected???

Hmm - what do you think? Does she look to be a threat?
She passed the inspection with flying colors.

People are so funny - this lady who was standing in front of Dad - was looking Becca up and down while they searched her bag like she was some kind of criminal.  

You know me - ha ha - I just had to take a picture - I guess she didn't like me snapping pictures either!

We had great flights home - touched down in San Antonio for about 30 minutes then landed safely in Dallas.  Thanks to Tim and Misti for the the taxi ride home - it is so appreciated.
It was great to be home and so nice to be back with Chuck and Major.
Taco Bueno for dinner - and hopefully a good nights rest.
Night all!


  1. Totally missed y'all while you were gone!!

  2. missed you too! Let's try to do lunch early this me tomorrow and let me know which day you are free!