Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ranch Dip

We have made our own ranch dip for quite some time.  Charles has a recipe that is different than mine.  I like them both.  I just gave Chuck a quick tutorial on my recipe.  Mine recipe is one of those without measurements - I just throw a little of this and a little of that until it tastes just right.
My ingredients are sour cream, milk, nature seasonings, dill weed, onion powder and garlic salt.  I like it better than the store bought dips.

Becca is the best helper.  One way she is earning money for her upcoming mission trip is by ironing - she gets $1 a shirt.  Chuck is such a thoughtful son - he is making Charles' water and sandwich for tomorrow.

We had a good Wednesday.  Our Bible studies are back in full swing!  My group is going to be studying brave! honest questions woman ask by Angela Thomas - I'm really looking forward to it.  I got to see my buddy - it's always a treat to see her sweet smilin face and share new things going on.    We are changing our prayer time, I think it is going to be good.  We are breaking up into smaller groups.  The kids got to hear a guest speaker tonight - one of their favorites - Ergun Caner.  He spoke on apologetics.  Very interesting conversation on the way home - Chuck told me all about the message.

Becca tried to catch a picture of the moon and the clouds - the sky looked really cool tonight.  Anyone know a trick to capture the moon with your everyday camera?   BRRRRR - it is so cold and windy - its supposed to be below freezing in the night.  Grampa - I need another pair of your wool socks - the last pair I snuck out of your drawer about 25 years ago bit the dust quite some time back!

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