Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OOOOOOOOOO that was foolish! - Don't be an Alligator!

It's kind of funny.  I try to find a biblical truth during the day to post - some little example that happens in our daily life which relates to something in the Word.  Maybe one day my kids will read these to their kids and they will learn something new while enjoying stories from our life.  Tonight we headed out to church.  Becca was just dying to get back to youth group - the holidays threw a little kink in the schedules.  Chuck and I hung out while waiting for her, our classes will start up next week.  We ran to the store and bought a little snack to munch on while we waited.  Caramel bugles and sesame sticks with Dr. Pepper Ten is what we choose. I was looking up something on my phone when that stinkin thing happened.  Shhhhhhhhhhlllllllluuuuuurrrrpppp!  Chuck was over there slurping his Dr. Pepper!  What do you suppose I did!  STOP THAT SLURPPPING!!!!!!!!  He just started cracking up!  You remind me of someone else - STOP THAT SLURPPPING!!!!  I've never seen that person get so frustrated so quickly until Becca and I were slurping our drinks. 
So then - what did I do?  Off to biblegateway to search for anything I could find about slurping.  Nope - nothing!  OKAY - I said  - there must be something about irritating someone else!  Well - God showed me!  When you try to find something in the Bible about someone else - He quickly shows you - hmmm - you are the one that needs the lesson!  I couldn't find the lesson that I was looking for with irritate, therefore Chuck was more than willing to find every word that is similar in the thesaurus.
Everything I was coming across was directed back at me  and how I was being a fool.  OUCH!  I definitely snapped and was quickly put in my place!  I know you have pet peeves too - we all do!  Remember not to act like I acted tonight - as a fool with anger residing in my lap being quickly irritated and snapping like an alligator!

Ecclesiastes 7:9
 Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit,
   for anger resides in the lap of fools.


  1. Tell him Aunt Collette says it's just good manners NOT to slurp...there's your lesson Biblical or not!

  2. Ha ha - I totally agree - one of our favorite quotes..."Manners Matter!"
    A little trivia for you - will buy your tea next week if you can figure out what movie it is in!