Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Worn Out

It was a great Bible study this week - the subject was about being worn out.
Something that she said really jumped out tonight.
I'm not going to avoid this or not do it because it is going to make me tired or worn-out - 
I'm gonna go for it!  
We are humans - we are going to get tired, weary and even worn out.
But God has given us provisions to fix the worn out.
I can't tell you how many times I have not done something because I was either too tired or knew how tired I would be once I did whatever it was.  The older I get the more I realize you better seize the moment when you can.  If an opportunity presents itself don't wait.
It might be an opportunity to minister, a note to someone that God whispers in your ear, it might be a prayer you need to pray or a song you need to write or sing, an opportunity to travel, spend time with someone, the list is endless.  Don't miss out because you might get tired, don't put it off until later if you can  do it now - God will give you strength, power, rest, and restoration.

She reminded us about God's gift of the Sabbath for rest.  How refreshing and beneficial that day can be for us when we actually rest!  One last thing I'll share from our study is that even Jesus rested.  It's ok to say no  - don't overextend yourself.  Even Jesus did not go everywhere and heal everyone.

She had so many other good points in her lesson, but just wanted to share a few that jumped out at me tonight!  (thoughts above come from the Bible study - Brave by Angela Thomas)
A side note from Chuck's Bible Study
Chuck has a warning  - do not focus on the world around us - but focus on your own faith! - This may be the subject of a future blog -we shall see!
Becca said their is an awesome video on youtube about this subject - it is about why I hate religion but love Jesus.

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