Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prayer Journal Cover

This evening was devoted to creating my prayer journal cover!
Becca drew the coolest robot today in the journal Mrs. Melissa gave her - 
it is going to be her Bible smash book!  

We went to the grocery store to turn in our stamps for their latest promotion.  The prizes were gone - but they are ordering more in - yeah!  We chose a coffee maker and will be giving it to the missionaries next month when they have their Christmas Sunday (if they do that again this year).
Another good family devotion - based mainly on Proverbs 10
God is really talking to me lately about attitude, murmuring and doing everything I do for God -not men!  He told me this the other day when I found Cindy's devotion, then in our conversation here at home, then again today when I was reading an email devotion I have subscribed too.   This is something we have reminded the kids over the years....when you are hearing the same lesson over and over again - it is time to listen, learn and correct what needs correcting.  I will focus on and fix it and pray it stays repaired!
Brrrrrrr, it is so cold - ended the night with some hot chocolate topped with marshmallows!
I love my silly kids and goofy husband.  
I guess I'm the only sane one here....he he he!  
Even the dog is a goober!


  1. Your Prayer Journal cover is amazing! I'm really enjoying your blog posts; they are so inspiring... I didn't know grocery stores still did the while stamp thing though!

    1. Thanks lavender! I had fun making it! I'm glad you are enjoying it - it is fun coming up with things to say each day. Sometimes it is a challenge figuring out what to post - thank you so much for inspiring me with this idea of blogging daily! I love your blog too - it makes me feel like we are back in each other's world again! The local grocery store always has some little gimmick to draw shoppers to their store. Sometimes it is collecting stamps, sometimes it is a game like yahtzee or monopoly where you gather playing cards. It's not our favorite store but rather the closest - therefore they will have some our business! Aldi is my favorite for price - Central Market is my favorite for flavor!

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  3. I can't see your pictures? Do you know what the reason might be?