Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hope he hears something in a few days!

Well, it went well and I'm on to the next round.  A face to face next week.
Chuck went for an interview today and he sounded very positive about it.  He will hopefully hear something in the next few days.
Becca was in the processional tonight for the GIC kickoff - and I didn't get to see it this time. boo! 
I know it was great!
Charles had a good day and made himself a grilled cheese especial for dinner.  He said it was his best grilled cheese ever. 
Anne Marie and I are really enjoying the lose it app that Collette told us about and being a good encouragement to each other during the day.  Thanks for sharing Collette.
Jan shared something she saw on tv this week - one of the things she heard was...did you know if you feel bloated that a handful of caraway seeds should help take that feeling away?!?! 

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