Monday, February 13, 2012

Love in Action

Recently, it seems that almost every Bible study has touched on  learning more and more about the Spirit.  This is an area where I definitely feel I'm lacking in knowledge and I am finding myself drawn with a desire to learn more about.  I found a book at the garage sale this past weekend that teaches on the fruit of the Spirit.  I began reading it yesterday and the first fruit mentioned is love.  Isn't that fitting for Valentine's Week!?! ;0) One of the points mentioned is that love is not just words but that it is an action.  It made me think back to my first week at DBU.  They have S.W.A.T. week for freshman or new students and my swat week theme was LOVE IN ACTION.  My sweet Becca demonstrated love in action this morning.  I was in my room getting ready for work and thought I smelled something delicious baking.  I thought, no you are just imaging things - it must be the aroma from the coffee.  After I finished getting ready (and without a lot of time to spare) - I headed out of the bedroom and was pleasantly surprised.  My litte sweetheart not only baked up a batch of chocolate chunk mini muffins- she had prepared a delicious salad for my lunch.  She was a perfect example for love in action not just in her words but she actually showed her love to me by her thoughtfulness.  I love my sweet little Midge and thank you, thank you for the yummy treats today.
Chocolate Chunk Mini Muffins with Sprinkles

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