Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revision Complete!

Finished the resume and had my sweet hubby review it- he had one suggestion that was excellent.  It has been fixed and has already been sent to the temp agency along with one more company.  This weekend's goal will be to get my profiles updated on other boards. 
We had a good exercise session tonight - I thought my hips and legs were going to turn to rubber.  Dinner was a delicious salad with cottage cheese.  Yum! 
We have been eating nuts as a snack - including pistachios.  I was surprised to learn that Chuck and Charles have never had pistachios until recently and both discovered that they like them very much. 
Did you know this about pistachios???

The Weight Wise Nut: Pistachios are one of the lowest fat, lowest calorie and highest fiber nuts and they offer the most nuts per serving compared to any other snack nut – 49 to be exact.

Offering antioxidants, phytosterols, healthy fats and more, pistachios are nature's heart healthy snack. Being good to your heart has never tasted so good.

Pistachios are more than just delicious, they’re also seriously nutritious.  Just one serving offers a variety of different vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

The Skinny on Fat
Almost 90% of the fat found in pistachios is the healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats.+

Full of Fiber
Pistachios are a good source of fiber providing 3 grams per serving, that’s more than many types of whole fruit.

Nuts Over Fiber
You would have to eat three plums to get the same amount of fiber found in one serving of pistachios.

The Original Prehistoric Snack
Pistachios are one of the oldest flowering nut trees, and are one of the only two nuts mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 43:11). Humans have eaten pistachio nuts for at least 9,000 years.

There's Gold in Them Hills!
Pistachios are a relatively new U.S. crop. Until the 1970's, no domestic pistachio industry existed. Now, California produces upwards 300 million pounds of pistachios, about 98 percent of the domestic crop.

Opening Up is a Good Thing
Pistachios grow in heavy grape-like clusters surrounded by a fleshy hull. When they ripen in late summer or early autumn, the pistachio kernel fills inside the shell so vigorously that it splits the shell.

24 Hour Harvest
At harvest, mechanical tree shakers knock pistachios onto a catching frame, from which they are loaded onto containers and rushed to the processing plant. Pistachios must be hulled and dried immediately to preserve their delicate quality.

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  1. I had pistachios for the first time in my life a few months ago and I LOVE THEM!!! deeee-lish!!