Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Great Night

Wednesday's are always a favorite.  Becca wore her cute little top she bought in FL to youth group and they had a great night discussing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Chuck enjoyed his college Bible study led by a guest speaker.  They talked a lot about work.  He and I also had a long discussion about work that began due to the little old man that decided he must carry on a conversation with him at Jack in the Box earlier.  Chuck wasn't too fond of some of his advice.  I told him maybe it was an angel sent his way. 
My study was good - we discussed thorns.  It was very interesting and always refreshing.  The ladies in our prayer group are growing closer, learning and sharing more with each other each week- it's sweet getting to know the other ladies a little better.  There are so many thorns, so many burdens that each shared - thankful for El Shaddai and his sufficiency!  It's amazing when we open up, when we expose ourselves and become transparent -  what a blessing we can become to others.  Don't hide because you suffer a thorn - allow God to use it to show off His Glory!  This is an area we can boast and delight that HE is ENOUGH!

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