Sunday, February 19, 2012

Protection from such men

The more I get into the Word the more it comes to life!  I'm sure that I have read this verse before, but today it jumped right off the page.  Do you ever have that happen to you? 

"O Lord, by Your hand save me from such men, from men of this world whose reward is in this life...." - Psalm 17:14

You see I was recently in a little accident - Praise the Lord - it was a fender bender and not a fatal crash.  We were all able to drive away, no one seemed to be hurt and it seems that the only damage was both cars  will need a new bumper.  I hope and pray that is all that comes from it.  I don't like accidents...but who does?!?    It seemed that the other person in the accident was a good person with character and integrity.  I'm praying that the Lord will save me from the type of men described in Psalm 17:14.  You see, there are people who do want their reward on this earth.  I know you have heard about people that get in accidents (sometimes intentionally for this purpose) to get as much money from someone else as they can.  There are people that will use you, scheme, conive, trick and do what ever they can to get something from everybody and everything.
I am praying that the people in this recent accident are christians and seeking their reward in Heaven not here on earth.  
I'm praying blessings for the driver of the other car. Certainly we carry insurance, both cars for this very purpose - to put ourselves and/or our vehicles back into the same shape they were in before an accident. 
     This recent circumstance made me stop when I read this verse.  It made me stop and pray immediately for protection from this.  I realized this is something that I need to pray specifically when I pray for protection and even other areas of life.  There are so many areas where this could apply.  When we are dealing with a salesman, pray the Lord takes you to the one that is honest and not seeking to get all of his "reward" in this life from you - that he will be fair and a person of integrity.  When you are in an accident, pray that other person isn't going to go to the doctor unnecessarily making up injuries or trying sue you for their "reward" in this life.  When you need something repaired on your car or home, pray that the craftsman is beyond reproach and doesn't add this and that to pad his own pocket for a "reward" in this life.  Pray protection around your family and your home.  There are those who will steal what is not theirs.  We had a sweet friend who had their lawn mower in their gated and locked back yard and someone came and stole it in broad daylight - probably to pawn - which was for a little "reward" in this life, definitely not a reward in Heaven.  I'm sure your mind is thinking of several other examples right now where this prayer would be beneficial.
     My next prayer is that I not be one of these men, and that those I love not be one of these men. It is so easy to let things of this earth overtake us.  Our vision is often horizontal instead of vertical.  Our circumstances can overwhelm us, scare us, anger us and more.  I pray my reactions will be pleasing to God.  Let me tell you a little story that not only was just right - it also was a learning lesson for Becca.  Several years ago, our washing machine was out of commission, therefore we had to go to the laundry mat for a few weeks.  Becca always went with me.  We were sitting there waiting for the machines to finish when I saw Becca watching something intently.  Then she ran over and picked up several coins.  There was a man who dropped some change, unknowingly and was busy moving his clothes from the washer to the dryer.  She was excited about her "find", and was telling me all about it.  I said, well you know what you need to do, right?  She did, but wasn't immediately gung ho about it.  She knew she needed to return it to him.  She wanted me to take it to him, but I said no, you need to go take it to him and tell him he dropped it.  She headed in his direction as slowly as she could, got his attention, returning his money while explaining that he had dropped it on the floor.  He just stood their, dumbfounded and shocked.  He couldn't believe it.  Really?, this little kid, really brought back this handful of change to me?  It wasn't five minutes later he came back over to Becca and in the best English he could muster, said thank you for being honest and gave her a crisp dollar bill!  Oh, pleased as punch - she was - she got that money back plus more - way more!  You see the money really didn't matter, not really.  That was just her little reward on earth.  She learned a huge lesson that day on honesty, integrity and doing the right thing even when you don't want to do it!  I believe she will have a reward in Heaven too for doing what pleased God.  I pray that we all have rewards beyond our wildest dreams on the other side.  Keep lookin up!

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