Thursday, February 16, 2012

Uplift your 'Tude

I didn't realize it but, Becca woke up in one of those moods this morning and was trying to fight it.  She was in the kitchen making a little breakfast and said - "please turn on some praise music".  "I can just feel that I'm in one of those irritable moods and I don't want to feel this way."
Ok,  I have just the song to pick you up.  Any ideas on what I picked? - yep - who can't resist pepping up a little with Mandisa's Good Morning Song.
Once it was over, Becca requested Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray.  It is one of her favorites right now.
By the time both of these songs were over, she said everyone should do that when they are feeling annoyed - pop in some praise music because it will uplift your 'tude.

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