Friday, June 8, 2012

Girl's Night

It was funny tonight!  Chuck had to work late and Charles went out with a few of his co-workers, therefore Becca and I were going to be on our own.  We agreed upon Panda Express for dinner.  As we were driving over to pick it up - I said - "Yes! We will be able to pick anything we want to watch tonight!"  We both looked at each other and shouted out at the same time...
Me - chick flick
Becca - Horror movie
We burst out laughing as our eyes got big! We thought we would say the same thing!  It just shows another way she is a lot like her dad!  I told her it sounds like it's time for a Daddy, Daughter night - they can enjoy that together.
We looked through the movies and ended up watching Soul Surfer.
Chuck got home earlier than expected (I guess I wasn't listening correctly when he told me his hours), so we headed back to Panda for more dinner.
It was a fun night.
Charles enjoyed his evening with his co-workers - please pray for all of them!

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