Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Long Day

I'm so ready for bed tonight.  It has been a very long day.
Got Ready
Talked to Becca a little while
Helped Charles with a few things
Talked to Chuck
Hugged the girls goodbye just in case I didn't see them before they left for NY
Went to Work
Trying to complete several things before vacation
Pick Charles up for Dermotologist
Pretty quick office visit - now it has turned into stasis dermatitis - got a prescription for ointment and need to pick up a wash for his leg
Ran to the hospital
Dropped him off at home
Timing was right we got to see Becca, Misti and Tim off
Ran to Walgreens to put prescription in
Went back to work
Met Anne Marie at Braums - treated her to a sundae since I had to get milk anyway - visited for a few minutes
Ran over to Walgreens - they didn't have the wash - the line for the pharmacy was quite long - so called CVS to see if they had the wash while I waited (nope they didn't) -finally got to the register and the prescription wasn't ready - but Praise the Lord they filled it while I waited
Called another Walgreens and headed that way to get home - (no they didn't have it either)
Ran home to get the milk in the fridge and out of the 100 degree heat
Gave Charles his ointment and he looked the wash up online and told me which one showed they had it in stock
Discussed dinner - getting late - so decided on subway
Headed back out - first Walgreens - nada
then CVS - still nothing
FINALLY - I started to pray
I don't know why I wait - (Charles said he was praying at home too)
I am so glad that God is God of all - He lead me to that medicine that Charles needed.
Another Walgreens - and found 3 boxes on the shelf - I bought them all!
He has to use this to wash his legs two times a day and I wanted enough to get us through!
I saw there was a subway down the strip mall, so I walked over to it to get our dinner.
Ordered Chucks - no problem, ordered mine - they were out of marinara sauce - oh well, ordered Charles - they were out of avocado!  had to go to another subway!
Ran to our regular shop - thank the Lord they had it - they quickly fixed Charles sub and even added marinara to mine - they were awesome!
Got home and enjoyed dinner very much.
Talked with Gramma, Ma-Maw, Aunt Collette and our previous neighbor Cheryl today
Cheryl is going to join us this Friday morning for breakfast - it will be nice to see her in person again, it has been a while since she moved.
Even though it was a busy, busy day - all went well - the Lord provided all we needed - thank you Lord for the daily provisions and strength that gets us through every day.

Praying for Becca, Misti and Tim as they travel to NY for Gramma's funeral.  I wish I could go, but need to care for my husband right now.  His leg requires constant elevation and lots of treatment and care.  We must watch his fever to avoid another hospital stay.  Stopping right now to pray for traveling mercies, quick and complete healing for Charles, and comfort, strength and love for all those affected by Gramma's death.

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