Saturday, June 16, 2012

No more Soulman's Breakfast - Boo!

It was a busy morning.  Charles and I were going to go to breakfast at a buffet that our family likes, but they no longer offer breakfast at this barbque restaurant.  That was disappointing.  We decided to go to Golden Corral, since he had an eye appointment.  Eh - it was ok - but not to appealing.  We have the best eye doctor - he is very thorough and personable.  He has an excellent staff too.  He ordered his contacts and I finally picked up my glasses - they've been ready - it was just me dragging my feet.  I am so glad to see clearly again.  Becca will be going soon - I know she is ready.
Chuck went to Dickey's and Becca did an awesome job cleaning this morning.  Charles and I headed to the bookstore and I found a few books that Becca has already pulled a few projects from.
BLT's for lunch and breakfast for dinner.  It was a productive day.

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