Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whispers in my ear

Ok - I had a little test today.  You know, the kind when there are those little whispers in your ear speaking to your soul.  I was at work and received a call.  It was a client that had been in earlier that day.  She asked for my co-worker who happened to be at lunch.  She said, "Well tell her that she might find two twenty dollar bills on the floor in front of her desk - or they may be out in your parking lot - I think they fell out when I pulled my hand out of my pocket."  She had a very positive attitude and said - "I believe these things happen for a reason and hope that whoever finds it is blessed by it and that it meets their need."  I told her we would look for it and if we found it would send it back to her.  She repeated herself about hoping whoever found it would be blessed.  I went to the front and looked around the office - no money there.  The wind blew as I walked out to the parking lot to look around.  I  looked by the vehicles and in the surrounding grass - nothing!  In the next lot, I saw something near the bushes, there was one twenty dollar bill.  I looked around and back by our building was the other twenty.  I couldn't believe they were still there several hours later with the wind blowing as it was and the foot traffic we have on our street.  
I scooped them both up and went back to my desk.  
Here is when those little whispers began.

Look up her address, get an envelope and put in the mail now.
That is the right thing to do.

She said - she thinks things like this happen for a reason.  She wants someone to be blessed.  You know you could use the money right now and you Did find it.  She will never know that you found it.  She wanted WHOEVER found it to be blessed by it and you deserve it.
You told her if you found it you would send it back.
She did call you and tell you she lost it - you know it is hers.
Let her be the one blessed by receiving it back - she needs it or she would not have called.
You went out to look for it because she called you.
Send it back to her.
Do the right thing.
No one will ever know.
You are the only one that knows about it.
You can always send her some later if you think that you should.
Keep it - it can go towards.........
He knows!

Sometimes it is embarrassing to be completely honest about the thoughts that go through our head.
It's even worse to admit when you follow that stupid devil.
The Spirit had victory over my flesh today.
I got up, went to the supply closet and pulled out an envelope and a piece of letterhead.
The customer's address was easy to find and I took a moment to write her a little note.
I truly pray that this blesses her heart when she receives it later this week.

Matthew 41 Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

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